Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Portraits of Gaga Moving

All the Watercolor Gaga Wednesday paintings will be moving to this gallery in order to tidy up 1000 Idols, in anticipation of new idols coming in 2012. Hooray!

The Magical Girl Mondays Feature has also been removed, but the full poster can still be viewed here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

0076. Fujiwara no Sai

I considered myself pretty indulgent, including my favorite comic characters Shindou Hikaru and Touya Akira in the idols, but at conventions where I'm selling idols, I often get "but do you have Sai? He's my favorite!"

And so, by popular demand, and the fact that I don't really have to be pushed too hard to paint Hikaru no Go characters, here is the beautiful ghost from the Heian Era, Fujiwara no Sai.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

0075. Billy Idol

Billy Idol is an English rocker.  He has a name very apt for entry to my blog.  I think it was my mother-in-law's idea to include him.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

0073 & 0074. Francine and Katchoo

Francine and Katchoo are the protagonists, friends and maybe more, and highly valued members of the gay and lesbian comic book character compendium from Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise.

(Yes, this is a repeat frame! I am shamed.  I had scrapped these originally and used the frame for Lady Oscar.  But. Oh well! 936 to go and I'm not gonna get hung up about it.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

0072. Boy George

I dare you not to sing Karma Chameleon all day.  Dare you.

Boy George is a British musician, popular in the 1980's, and was a hero of androgyny. 

(Idols are back, new posts every Saturday!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's not 71 idols. It's 1000. I promise.

Hello!  Surely you've noticed the extended hiatus on 1000 Idols.  A lot has happened, foremost being that my fiancĂ© and partner of four years had an organ transplant in February.  Making artwork was difficult as we went through this process, but we are finally in recovery and I am very excited to get back to work.

By the end of May, please look forward to more Idols!  The studio is up and running again, and there are lots of exciting figures ready to be added to the collection!

Last month, I brought a full collection of Idol prints to Anime Boston 2011, where they were well received and many figures sold out!  The Idols next appearance will be at Portcon Maine, Maine's largest Geek/Game/Comic/Anime convention!

In the mean time, if you're interested in owning an idol yourself, they are for sale for $5 each.  They come as a true-to life size (4 x 6 in.) in a backboard and sleeve with a descriptive blurb for the idol (adapted from the blog).  They are fun for admiration or worship or as unique gifts.

Just drop an email to korimichele at gmail dot com to order. I accept paypal payments only at this time.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to sharing more idols with you!