Monday, November 15, 2010

Greetings, Idolizers!

This project is in a sort of interim period at the moment, to be resumed with regular updates starting in December!  In the time between, we've made a print run of all the idols, taken them to two shows, and begun working on a book chronicling the process of those first 70 little icons.  I've also been taking some time to study the history of idols and icons, starting with the excitement of the 700's iconclasm.

Until then, if you are at all interested in purchasing prints of idols for the holidays (individually packaged and backed true-size 4x6 inch prints) for $5 a piece, feel free to email me at  The order process is rudimentary (but secure) at the moment, but should become a little more sophisticated in the future.

When the blog returns, there will not only be regularly updating new idols, but also some essays and discussions as they come organically to the blog.  In preparation for some of that, if YOU have photos of your own idols, send them to me! I hope to have the opportunity to share them in an essay or even just a gallery on this blog in the future.

-and as always, send idol suggestions as well.  Though I have a running list of 100+ yet to complete, 100 is no where near 1000, so I will need suggestions from all over and outside of my individual perspective.  You can email or simply comment those suggestions to me at any time.

Who do you idolize?

Thanks for your patience and support!

1 comment:

  1. A few suggestions for idols:
    John Waters
    Tim Gunn
    Jamison Green
    Lou Sullivan
    Henry David Thoreau
    Jo March (little women)
    Jane Eyre
    Jean-Luc Picard
    Princess Leia
    Yentl (from the book not the musical)
    Integra Hellsing