Friday, September 17, 2010

0067. Bala Krishna

Krishna is one of the many forms of Vishnu, and  the worship of Bala Krishna (child Krishna) attests to the strength of his childhood mythology and legend, and the value of the concept of lila, or "Divine Play."

Bala Krishna stands out to me as a deity with a rich narrative civilian legend.  The eighth son of Vasudeva, he was conceived without sexual union, but rather through the minds of his parents, and was surrendered to foster parents to avoid being murdered by his uncle who was fated to be destroyed by Vasudeva's eighth child.  It is in his country life where his legend flourishes- from tales of transforming a basket of fruit to jewels for a kind lady, to sucking the life out of the teat of a woman sent to poison him!

As a child he is revered for his brightness and love of fun and affection, but as a god, he represents also a strong sense of morality, cleverness, and retribution.

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