Wednesday, September 1, 2010

0065. Oscar François de Jarjayes

Oscar François de Jarjayes, also known as "Lady Oscar" is the heroine of the monumental Japanese comic hit The Rose of Versailles, a girls' comic from the 1970's about a young woman raised as a knight who serves Princess Marie Antoinette. The comic has been a lasting favorite of Japan, retold in animation and musicals and still marketed through merchandise to this day.

The Rose of Versailles was born at the peak of the golden age of shoujo manga (lit. girl's comics), starring a brave and determined woman knight that inspired countless other manga artists. Lady Oscar was a direct influence on another comic girl knight, Tenjou Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utenawho shaped a large part of my drawing style growing up, and who lingers in many of my illustration sensibilities today.

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  1. Oh my *O* Oscar!!! Lady Oscar was one of my first Anime. You portrayed her beautiful! Keep up your great work!

    BTW I really, really love your idole project!