Wednesday, August 11, 2010

0057 & 0058: Maggie and Hopey

Margarita Luisa "Maggie" Chascarrillo and Esperanza Leticia "Hopey" Glass are the two focal characters in comic artist Jaime Hernandez's opus Locas.  As part of the Love and Rockets series (composed along with brothers Gilbert and Mario) these two Latina women have an open relationship around which the narrative is built.  They evolve over time and tribulation- moving up, moving on, and moving down and back again.  They are sometimes lovers and always friends across adventures that range from the nearly science-fictional to the most soap-opera-y drama.

When I became interested in LGBT comic book icons, I was told that Love & Rockets was a series I Had To Read.  I fell in love with the art, but much less the narrative (not for lack of quality but on account of my tastes) and am continually impressed by the work, now compiled in beautiful hardcovers in  Locas: The Maggie And Hopey Stories.

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    i think maybe love and rockets has more of an impact if you can relate more... growing up in texas with a prominate mexican community, love and rockets has a definate feel with what i've lived through. i freaking love the comic and I FREAKING LOVE THIS.